“SHAKIN' Stevens and the Sunsets,” a local band whose popularity is growing fast, are hoping to break into the record market in a big way with their brand new disc, “Spirit of Woodstock”, released last Friday.

The band sticks firmly to their successful style of 1950’s type rock ‘n’ roll on this track but have complemented the vintage rock sound by the bold step of adding words with an extra modern theme.

An original number, written by the band, “Spirit of Woodcock” is extremely well produced, and comes over powerfully but clearly.

It has a title which speaks for itself, in that it tells about the giant Woodstock pop festival in the USA.

Well written and easy to listen to, it puts over the message that “The spirit of Woodstock lives in America today.”

It is a mammoth task for any rising group no matter how talented, to make an impact on the national pop scene.

But here is one record deserving of success.

What is more it could appeal to two distinct markets and help to draw rock fans a little closer to the bulk of modern record buyers who missed the golden rock era.

For this record is a must for all those fans starved of the big rock sound, while the theme will also be a hit with the new pop festival generation.

Explaining the band’s aim, their manager Mr Paul Barrett, of Penarth, said that although the original rock sound is not out of date, the themes of some rock songs are.

As he summed it up: “You have to have a modern subject.

“You can’t make records about blue suede shoes and expect to sell them to people who have never worn them.”

One strange fact is that although the band has been in demand all over the country, playing at universities, theatres and clubs, they cannot find anywhere to play in Penarth.

“Spirit of Woodstock” is on the Parlophone label, R5860.

With another well-performed number, “Down on the Farm,” on the B side it is good value for money.