A SOUTH Wales Police operation during six weeks of summer this year led to around £1000 worth of alcohol being seized.

#OpSumpweed also saw five arrests; two fixed penalties issued; and four cannabis warnings issued.

Multiple ASB referral orders were submitted and dozens of missing children located – including 20 in just one day.

Eleven tickets were issued for vehicle disruption and offences/incidents dealt with included disorder, theft, ASB, and concern for wellbeing/first aid.


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Barry NPT PC, Steve Powell said: "It's been a successful operation

"We've confiscated a large quantity of alcohol which has obviously been tipped away.

"We've seen lots of anti-social behaviour orders - mainly from people out of the area.

"This year has been a big success.

"Traders are happy.

"It's a family environment and that's the way we want to try and keep it."

Barry Island cafe owner, Marco Zeraschi said: "You could see gangs of kids with slabs of beer coming on the Island and we could see families leaving.

"Our community officer Steve Powell put and operation order together to have police officers every day on Barry Island confiscating beer - sending these guys home, sending the message back - 'you're not welcome here' - if you're not coming to enjoy yourself, if you're here to cause trouble and be anti-social which we don't want and we're not going to take.

"Since the order started within two weeks all the families came back."

Whitmore + Jackson owner, Dave Lewis said: "We've had really good support from our local officers.

"There's just been constant presence and that's been a positive aspect of trading on the Island this summer.

"Feet on the ground and officers being around will make people think they've got to think about their responsibilities."

"As well as that it's reassuring for the public that they are being thought about by the police.

"It's returning to being the Barry Island we're familiar with."

Thousands of people flocked there to enjoy the hot weather as coronavirus restrictions started to ease.

While the vast majority adhered to the rules and were considerate of others, scores of others appeared intent on ignoring Public Space Protection Orders imposed by @Vale of Glamorgan Council, and engaging in antisocial behaviour which impacted on the safety and enjoyment of others.

The operation was run with the support of local traders and multiple partners, including the Vale council, British Transport Police, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the RNLI.