A SERIOUSLY impressive Penarth athlete is attempting to carry a full-sized 400lb piano on his back up a mountain for charity.

Max Glover, who is well-versed in extremely physically challenging tests, will attempt the feat on Sunday (September 13) to raise money for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Charity.

No stranger to brutal challenges, the former Royal marine commando, who last year pulled a 1.7 tonne car 26.2 miles, will now be covering two miles over 1,000ft of elevation and gradients up to 30 degrees.

“This is probably the biggest challenge I’ve undertaken yet,” he said. “Pulling the car a marathon distance was tough, but the car had wheels.

Penarth Times: Picture: Max GloverPicture: Max Glover

“For this the full weight of the piano will be bearing down on my back as I try to ascend the full height of the mountain.”

For social distancing reasons, the exact location of the challenge is not being published until the event is under way.

“We also need to take extreme care to preserve the mountain so we can safely bring the piano back down,” Max added.

He is raising money for a charity close to his heart, which cares for people requiring lung and heart transplants.

Penarth Times: Picture: Max GloverPicture: Max Glover

“Last year a close friend of mine received a double lung transplant and the Royal Brompton did a fantastic job caring for her during her recovery.

“I’ve spoken to countless people who have told me stories of how they have helped their loved ones. It’s a really great cause."

As an ambassador of mental toughness fitness brand Rokman, he hopes that attempting the challenge will inspire others to push their limits.

Penarth Times: Picture: Max GloverPicture: Max Glover

I believe that by challenging ourselves physically we can fortify our minds and achieve a higher state of health and wellbeing.

"The hardest challenges I’ve ever had to face are the personal challenges that we all face in life.

"By pushing myself through fitness, it has, without a doubt, helped me deal with those personal challenges and be a huge positive factor in my life.”

You can track Max live on the day and donate at https://rokman.co.uk/blogs/articles/max-glover-piano-mountain-carry.