A COMMUNITY association and registered charity in Penarth has made an urgent plea for help with the likelihood of permanent closure looming large.

The Lower Penarth Community Association says several current officers have left, which has hit the charity hard alongside the financial impact of the pandemic.

The centre, which has been in Penarth for more than 30 years, could close as early as January if new members are not prepared to join.

Maggie Rice, secretary of the association, said: “We have been left with a significant shortage of members to continue running and keep our status.

“Volunteers are urgently needed to assist with running the association. So if you can spare an average of at least an hour a week to help out, then the association would love to know.

“No special skills are required to help but, if you can chair a meeting, manage hall bookings, administer a Facebook account, do some book keeping or financial accounting then you would be especially valuable to the team.”

Ms Rice, who has been a member for eight years, says it would be a “great shame to lose the centre”.

“This would be a great loss to all those groups who have been using it for so many years and continue to use it for all their varied activities,” she said.

The centre, which has a long-standing relationship with the Brownies and other organisations and classes, is still expecting to hold an annual general meeting this year, where the topic of permanent closure will be discussed.

If you think you may be able to help, contact sec.lpca@gmail.com by Monday 19th October 2020 for more information.