NURSES’ prize day went with a swing at Sully Hospital last week.

For, breaking with tradition, the hospital invited folk group Keith Potger and the New Seekers along to present the prizes and certificates.

It was the first time prize-giving had been held at the hospital for six years, but Matron, Miss S. P. Turvey, said afterwards: “We fully intend to make it an annual event from now on.”

The even was certainly a big hit with the nursing, especially the female members who received their certificates from Keith Potager, one of the original seekers of the group.

And male nurse, Michael Smith didn’t think it was such a bad idea either – for when he went up to receive his certificate, the group’s attractive singer, Evie Graham took over, and also presented him with a kiss.

County Cllr, Mrs Dora Mitchell, of Penarth, presided at the prize-giving and a prayer was offered by the Rector of Sully, the Rev. Basil Jones.

The Matron, Miss S. P. Turvey, gave an excellent and comprehensive report and she and the audience were delighted to not that the 33 examination candidates had 100 per cent success as they had all passed.

The Matron paid a tribute to the Chairman, who she said had worked wonders and had secured some long overdue facilities.

She was pleased to be able to say some recommendations of the Salmon Report had already been implemented as far as Sully was concerned and that nursing staff special skills should be used to better advantage.

After the presentations and tea, The New Seekers, who were appearing at Tito’s Club, Cardiff, cut the special cake and delighted the audience with an impromptu floor show.

In an interview with the Times, New Seekers said the Welsh people were very friendly and they were delighted at the reception at the Hospital and at Tito’s Club, where they were entertaining for the week.