One hundred per cent of non-independent secondary schools in the Vale of Glamorgan have been affected by positive coronavirus cases since they reopened in early September.

New data from Public Health Wales – focusing on positive coronavirus cases for staff and pupils – shows 44 per cent of schools across Wales had cases at some point between September 1 and November 4.

The report notes that the “presence of cases linked to a school does not necessarily imply that transmission occurred in that setting”.

There were 2,101 reports of new coronavirus cases across 695 schools in Wales. 951 cases were staff, and 1,150 were in pupils.

In the Vale, 100 per cent of all seven non-independent secondary schools have suffered cases, while that figure stands at 31.8 per cent for the Vale’s 44 non-independent primary schools.

Secondary schools in the Vale and Cardiff

  • Vale: 100 per cent of seven non-independent secondary schools impacted
  • Cardiff: 100 per cent of 18 non-independent secondary schools impacted

Primary schools in the Vale and Cardiff

  • Vale: 31.8 per cent of 44 non-independent schools impacted
  • Cardiff: 59.2 per cent of 98 non-independent schools impacted

Penarth Times: Source: Public Health WalesSource: Public Health Wales

Twenty-five pupils and staff tested positive for coronavirus in schools across the Vale within 21 days of the first positive case being identified.