A PHOTOGRAPHER who has made Barry his home for more than 20 years has produced his ninth calendar for 2021 – despite the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on movement.

Callum Hamilton, originally from Bromley, Kent, first visited Barry in the 1980s when living in Cardiff.

He is currently self-employed on a small scale as a photographer, but in the past has been an office worker primarily.

This year, the theme for 2021 is the beautiful and diverse coast and parkland of Barry and Barry Island.


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Mr Hamilton, 56, said: “I like to have a mix of immediately recognisable Barry ‘icons’ such as the Porthkerry viaduct, but also shots of lesser known spots or less familiar angles such as the image of the bench on Cold Knap Point.

“This year, of course, the two fishing boats at the Old Harbour make for an interesting new subject which I was keen to include.

“I don’t restrict myself to only using shots from the right month, but I wouldn’t use an image that clashed with the season completely.

“I have a range of images from throughout the year to choose from although I would like an opportunity to get some new snowy scenes.

He added: “I’ve enjoyed photography for ages, starting way back with an instamatic and a roll of film but these days I’m on board with digital.

This is the ninth calendar.

“In these uncertain times I did dither whether to do a calendar this year but decided to plough on and hope to do at least one more year to make it to 10 editions.

“Happily. no great dramas befell me, often the biggest challenge is getting up early enough to capture the best light!

“I have no favourites really although I like it when there’s a new twist to the familiar such as the boats or when I’m lucky with light as was the case with sun illuminating the waves at Whitmore whilst the background remained in shadow.

“Ordinarily I don’t know where they’re destined for but I have been told that they have gone to such far flung places as the USA, New Zealand and even China once.”

The 2021 calendar costs £10.99.

It’s A4 when closed, A3 in size when open.

Stockists include The Beach Hut in Barry Island, Homemade Wales, in High Street, The Lake Shop at The Knap, King Square Post Office in Holton Road, and Marco’s Café in at Barry Island.

For details, visit callumhamiltonphotography.co.uk