A FAMILY from Penarth have lauded their town’s community spirit after more than 100 people volunteered to get on board their advent Christmas trail which has been watched all over the world.

The Yorke family – Jemma, Michael, Austin and Millie – came up with the idea of the trail after seeing how much residents enjoyed seeing window decorations at Hallowe’en.

Jemma – who works in a bank – and Michael – who is a local businessman – said they thought a window trail this Christmas would help lift spirits.

“I organise a school parents Facebook page for Penarth and have realised the impact this (coronavirus) has had on all of us,” said Mrs Yorke. “It’s been a rollercoaster and a lot of pressure balancing being a parent with work during the pandemic.

“My daughter – who goes to Albert Primary – is currently at home isolating because someone in her class tested positive.

“The impact it has on the lives of everyone is huge, and it can be very stressful.

“At the moment my daughter is calling my mum and dad twice a day. They help her with homework so I can get some work done. It is everyday problems which has hit everyone hard.

Penarth Times:

“I thought the trail would help lift people’s spirits, take the pressure off us all a little, and we also didn’t know when we organised it what would be allowed.

“We’ve been extra careful, and people can follow the trail virtually on Facebook, and they can go for a walk and see the houses lit up.”

Mrs Yorke says she was stunned so many people put themselves forward for the trail, which has also been watched in Mexico and Australia.

Penarth Times: Karen and Mike Martin's design at Queens Road, which was the December 3 revealKaren and Mike Martin's design at Queens Road, which was the December 3 reveal

“I posted it on the parents Facebook page and we just had an influx of messages, it’s been brilliant,” she added.

“We had to plan an easy trail close to the town centre which helped us get it down to 24, and then we set up a group to organise each day.”

The switch-ons – broadcast on Facebook by Michael every evening until December 24 – have gone seamlessly so far.

After December 24 the pictures of all the homes involved will be posted on the Penarth Christmas Advent Window Trail Facebook page, and the lights will stay on until January 5.

To follow the rest of the Christmas advent trail visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/357567118647255/ and request to the join the group.