FROM the Archive this week features a photograph of an unknown man.

This photograph of an unknown young man was taken by Edward James Sargent at his studio at 249, in Holton Road, Barry.

Mr Sargent opened his photography studio in 1920.

Around this time you could buy a made to measure suit on Holton Road from 70 shillings, easily over a week's wages.

The 1920s saw the start of menswear as we know it today however suits were mostly made of thick wool or tweed.

At the end of the first world war men's shirts went through a major transformation and the modern shirt was created.

Whilst his three piece suit looks modern our unknown young man is still wearing the Victorian style detachable stiff collar.

The boutonniere or lapel flower at this time was not only worn to a formal event like a wedding but also when going out on a date.

The Barry & District News would like to thank Cllr Shirley Hodges for the photograph and information.

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