A VARIETY of Penarth traders came together over the festive period to make it special for those spending the day alone.

Ceri-Lou Newman, of Penarth Methodist Church, organised for gift bags to be delivered to around forty people in the area – who would usually join them for their annual Christmas Day Luncheon – to remind them that they were “being thought about” and that “people cared about them”.

However, this year, for the first time in 20 years due to the coronavirus pandemic, the church had to make the difficult decision that it would not be held in 2020 - instead gift donations would be made. 

Age Connect provided magazines, Snowdrop Assisted Living donated ‘Hugs in a Mug’, Umpa Lumpa Sweet Shop gave a discount on the traditional sugar mice, and Griffin Books gave everyone a postcard of Penarth. Cytun gave a generous donation as did many individuals from the congregation.

Penarth Times: Bags ready for delivery across Cardiff and ValeBags ready for delivery across Cardiff and Vale

“I am so grateful to everyone who donated, gifts or financially, and contributed in any way for us to be able to provide something that has been described as ‘wonderful’, ‘unbelievably kind’ and brought one recipient to tears,” she said.


“They were so touched to have been remembered. We were also able to make gift bags of goodies for members of our PMC family who we knew would be separated from their loved ones this year".

The Cooperative Supermarket also made a generous donation to the cause, after approaching supermarkets for assistance.

Penarth Times: L- Ceri-Lou. So many lists needed to be made and checked off to make sure no one was forgottenL- Ceri-Lou. So many lists needed to be made and checked off to make sure no one was forgotten

“The bags were full to the brim and we couldn’t have squeezed any more in!

"Thank you to the ladies who helped fill the bags - Janet, Sheila, Angela, Alison, and Mary.

“It was a real group effort and though it bothers me greatly that thousands of people all over the UK were on their own for Christmas it gives a certain personal satisfaction to know that at least some, close to PMC, were reminded that they were in the thoughts of us at this special time of year.

“Special thanks to Mary and Ro for making all the soap/flannel reindeers, Ruth for making the sweetie stockings, Alison and Ro for writing dozens of cards and gift tag, and especially Janet for being the best practical help and emotional cheerleader I could have hoped for”.