SOUTH Wales Police say they have been forced to close the road along the seafront at Penarth Esplanade due to the number of people visiting the area on Sunday afternoon.

They said the road has been closed "due to the number of people on Penarth Esplanade today".

It comes two days after the council and the police pleaded with people not to visit the pier and surrounding area by vehicle this weekend.

On Friday the two authorities said they had decided to team up to mitigate Covid breach issues over the weekend after numerous reports of unlawful gathering.

Wales is currently under Tier Four lockdown restrictions, which means no-one can travel to the pier by vehicle for exercise or to socialise.

In a tweet on Sunday afternoon South Wales Police said: "Due to the number of people on Penarth Esplanade today we had no choice but to close the road in order to disperse the crowds and to ensure the safety of the public.

"Stay at home and only travel for essential reasons."