A PENARTH GP has dispelled a common myth around the Covid vaccines for the British Islamic Medical Association. 

Dr Qurratal-Ain Yousef, who works at Albert Road Surgery, has explained why pregnant women and children were not included in the COVID vaccine clinical trials, and why that doesn't mean they are unsafe.

In the video, she says that "pregnant women and children aren't usually included in initial trials", and that the guidance for pregnant women is to make a decision based on risk. 

On Monday, December 14, work began at the Penarth surgery on rolling out the Oxford/AZ vaccine in the area to patients over 80. 


Dr Quarratul-Ain Yousef, who moved to the area from Birmingham not long before lockdown began, spoke with us about the roll-out and said: "So far it’s going pretty well. We are quite ahead of the game."

Nearly 440,000 people in priority groups have been given their first doses of Covid-19 vaccines in Wales so far.

The aim is to have just under 750,000 people - including health workers and people aged over 70 - given a first dose by mid-February.