A WOMAN has a new outlook on life after losing more than six stone with Slimming World.

57-year-old Ann Brown, who has worked in Llandough Hospital for nearly 40 years, knew she was putting on weight so joined a Penarth Slimming World group managed by Siobhan Jones.

Ms Brown, from Barry, said: “I have low self esteem and felt like eating was a reward; it was the only thing I could do well.

"I'd be out of breath at work and the consultants would comment and if I was feeling okay.”

The final straw for Ms Brown was when she was invited to a wedding but - due to the shop she'd normally use for occasion wear closing down - struggled to find a suitable dress.

“I joined Slimming World, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fool Siobhan or any of the consultants,” said Ms Brown.

“I knew if I was paying, I’d do it and stick to it and found that it was good value for money and I got stuck in.

“The group is great, and there’s so much support.

“People are genuinely interested in you and everyone is their to help you on your journey, as you help them on theirs."

Ms Brown discovered that having a set goal helped weight loss seem achievable, and - despite not being an experienced cook - ditched takeaways and ready means for healthier alternatives.

“I can make food – some things more elaborate than other – despite not being a cook,” said Ms Brown,

“If I fancy something I look up a slimming-friendly version and there’s always one; I don't miss anything.

“During the pandemic it’s felt like something I can control.

“I’ve taken up walking and love to be about. I’ve lived here all my life and only found out lately where things are – I never go the same way twice.”

Along with feeling healthier, both physically and mentally, Ms Brown's progress has allowed her to stop taking blood pressure medication, which she'd been taking for 20 years.

Now five dress sizes smaller, and six and a half stone lighter, the Slimming World champ is determined to stay on track.

"I would encourage anyone wanting to lose weight to join Slimming World," said Ms Brown.

"You can share your anxieties with your consultant and there's so much support.

"I'm keeping it up as I'm not where I want to be yet, but I can do this for me.

"And if I can do it anyone can."