WITH another lockdown in place it can leave many feeling isolated, but a gym in Penarth are offering daily online classes to keep people connected. 

Curves Women's Gym, has been run by Rachael Beasley for almost five years with an age range from 20 to 80, and is working to keep women in the community fit and healthy throughout this lockdown - with online classes and regulat contact. 

"Since lockdown it’s been extremely hard on the business but most of all my members," she added.

Penarth Times: Rachael Beasley of Curves PenarthRachael Beasley of Curves Penarth

"All the ladies come to the gym not only for fitness but as per of their daily routine, to socialise, and most importantly for their mental health.

"During lockdown I have been doing daily zoom classes every morning at 9am and also recording them so the members can do the classes at anytime.

"All our videos are in our YouTube channel".

To find out how to get involved, head to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Curvespenarth1. 

Penarth Times: The videos are uploaded onto YouTube. The gyms mission statement is: 'Strengthening Women'The videos are uploaded onto YouTube. The gyms mission statement is: 'Strengthening Women'

"The ladies have been so grateful for the classes as it gives them time to also see each other and catch up on zoom," she said. 

Many attending the classes have said how they have "saved them" throughout this lockdown, with many members living on their own.

"It's really helped them to keep in contact with their gym buddies," she added.


"I love what I do and it’s so rewarding it doesn’t feel like work at all.

"The classes we do are balance, circuits, yoga, boxercise and legs, bums and tums.

"We also have regular contact to make sure they are happy with their health and give them advice.

"It’s not impossible to keep fit and healthy even if you are stuck indoors."

The gym are doing a monthly competition where the member that has attended the most zoom classes wins a prize. 

Penarth Times: The January winner, Bridgette Wilcox The January winner, Bridgette Wilcox

Last month's winner was Bridgette Wilcox - attending 18 online classes in January.