WALES Green Party has selected a field of well-known candidates to stand in local constituencies across a total of six constituencies in the region for the Senedd elections this May.

A diverse range of passionate and engaged Green Party members put themselves forward to stand for green issues in their local communities. Online hustings were held in a closely fought contest for seats. 

The resulting party ballot selected the following candidates.

  •  Vale of Glamorgan – Anthony Slaughter, Leader of Wales Green Party, first list candidate
  •  Cardiff South and Penarth – Helen Westhead, second list candidate
  •  Cardiff West – David Griffin, third list candidate
  •  Cardiff North – Debra Cooper, fourth list candidate
  •  Cardiff Central – Ceri Davies
  •  Pontypridd – Ken Barker

Four of the six candidates are already regional list candidates. Voters in the Vale of Glamorgan will have the opportunity to vote for Anthony Slaughter, leader of the Wales Green Party since 2018 and Lead Regional Candidate on both ballots.

Anthony said: "In a future of increasingly devolved powers we need elected Green representation at every level of government, challenging, scrutinising and shaping the decisions that affect us all."

The Green Party stand a real chance of securing a Senedd seat with the list vote, at this pivot moment as we emerge from a global crisis. Voters are realising that as labour cannot win a list seat, a green voice in the room can be secured through a list vote. 

For the first time this May 16, 17-year-olds will be given an opportunity to be heard.

"It is only right that young people are given an opportunity to see a green future represented on their local ballot," said Helen Westhead, second list candidate and standing for Cardiff South and Penarth.

A strong field of candidates in local constituencies is indicative of a time where local party membership and support has never been higher.

It shows that the Green Party is serious in standing for the community and lays the groundwork for local council elections next year.

Learn more about the people standing at where full candidate profiles can be found.