A NEW radio show run by Welsh friends is available nationally on Saturdays.

Running Punks is being broadcast on Union JACK digital radio station beginning this Saturday, March 20.

It is hosted by former Welsh and British running champion and record holder, Jimmy Watkins, and Rhodri Morgan – a teacher, husband and drummer. The pair bonded over their mutual love of music and running as well as their rogue approach and desire to run their own way.

Both understood how running can be a powerful tool in helping people physically and mentally and they wanted to pass this on and help others.

They realized that there would be others out there who, like them, don’t fit into the mold of traditional running clubs, who lack the confidence or suffer with demons and people who have probably never considered running but running could benefit these the most.

The show has been produced in collaboration with EatSleep Media and supported by a grant from the Audio Content Fund.


On each episode, Mr Watkins and Mr Morgan will be going for a run with a guest and talking about various topics including life, health and music.

First up on the show on Saturday, March 20 will be Welsh-born actress and singer Carys Eleri who will speak about what running has done for her and the relief it has brought during lockdown and the work of knee supports.

Union JACK radio’s programme manager Giles Gear said: “We’re not afraid of taking risks, trying new things and bringing new personalities to the airwaves. When EatSleep Media told us about the Running Punks and said they wanted to make a radio show, literally-on-the-run, we thought it was a great idea. We just hope it doesn’t rain!”

Laurence Mora, EatSleep Media’s creative director, said: “What caught our eye was not only the personality of the Running Punks and the community, but also the way they strip running right back to its bare bones; just put anything on and have a go.

“For the Running Punks, it’s not about the latest kit or cutting-edge brands; it’s about the people who are out there joining in. It’s classic counterculture stuff and we think people will really enjoy listening to them,”

Union JACK radio was created by the team behind the launch of Absolute Radio and is one of the few remaining independently owned commercial radio stations. It now has more than 180,000 weekly listeners and was shortlisted for Best National Station at the 2020 Radio Academy ARIAS.

You can listen to Running Punks at 3pm every Saturday and at 8pm every Sunday from March 20 on Union JACK radio.