A PENARTH business owner has shared his frustrations surrounding the increase in unwanted graffiti and tagging on signs and buildings in the area. 

Dyfri Owen, director of Penarth Physiotherapy Practice and Pilates Studio, has had a sign advertising his studio, just off Victoria Bridge in the town centre tagged recently. 

“There seems to be significantly more graffiti in our town recently,’’ he said. 

“Not only does it look unsightly but there will be an expense to my small business to either clean it or replace it and small businesses are already struggling due to the pandemic. 

“Fortunately, most of it appears to be on derelict buildings and things like BT Openreach hubs rather than small business premises and residential houses. 

“I will remove the graffiti from my sign and replace the sign if required because it obviously looks unsightly for our neighbours, spoils the aesthetics of the town centre and potentially has a negative impact on how my practice is viewed. 

Penarth Times: The sign is just off Victoria BridgeThe sign is just off Victoria Bridge

“However, our sign can still be clearly read by our patients and potential future patients and in a way the perpetrator has successfully drawn more attention to my Physiotherapy and Pilates business as many people have contacted us to inform us about the vandalism and to pass on their commiserations.’’

Mr Owen is aware that even if he replaces the sign, there is the chance that this could happen again, but said: “You cannot spend your life worrying about that, you have to do the right thing for the appearance of the town centre.


“I do not feel angry towards the individuals who are spraying graffiti all over Penarth town centre. 

“I actually feel very sorry for them.  They must live very boring, unfulfilling lives.  

“It must be awful if the most fun you can think of having and the most productive thing you can think of to do with your time is to spray your name on someone else's property.  

“When they eventually mature and develop a conscience, they will look back and regret the things they had previously done and the amount of time they wasted doing these selfish and unnecessary things.’’

Penarth Physiotherapy Practice and Pilates Studio was established on Windsor Road in 2006.  It moved to The Courtyard in Penarth Town Centre in October 2019. 

Its Director, Dyfri Owen has worked as Physiotherapist to Cardiff Rugby Club for the past 21 years and as Physiotherapist to the Football Association of Wales for the past 16 years. 

They also provide 15 Physiotherapist-led Pilates classes and they have created a large, loyal Pilates community within Penarth. 

Their Pilates classes have been on Zoom for the past year but they look forward to welcoming their clients back to the Courtyard Pilates Studio in the near future.