DETAILS have been published on the plan to demolish the existing Belle Vue Pavilion. 

The Vale of Glamorgan Council's plan is to demolish the period building, which is located within the Penarth Conservation Area, and by 'what looks like a brand new GP surgery' said resident Sue Jones.  

She also adds that there is a 'significant loss of green and grassy play space' for children.

Penarth Times: There is lack of green space. There is lack of green space.

"We’ll also lose a beautiful period building with its wooden porch, which is well in keeping with the Victorian houses that surround it. And also with the red roofed period buildings running alongside on Albert Road," she added. 

Within the application, included in the Heritage Impact Assessment it says that in 2015 a conditions survey was undertaken, which concluded that the externals of the building are “Life Expired” and the extent of the risks have the potential to close the building. 

The purpose of a Heritage Impact Assessment is to explore and understand the significance of a heritage asset and to assess the potential impacts of the proposals on those assets.

Penarth Times: Belle Vue's current exterior Belle Vue's current exterior

Penarth Times: The proposed site planThe proposed site plan

They add that since the Condition Report a series of formal consultations were undertaken with "existing users of the facility, and to engage with residents, regarding the future of the building" and that "to demolish and not replace the building is just not an option."

The objectives of the project are:

• That the venue becomes fully inclusive and used on a regular basis by community groups and organisations for regular activities, events and classes, all year around

• The building promotes further usage of the park

• The building is fully accessible

• The building respects the character of the conservation area

• The building is more energy efficient

Penarth Times: Proposed design of the main entrance Proposed design of the main entrance

In the application, the Vale of Glamorgan Council added that the vision for the project  "is to create a venue that is safe, inclusive and an attractive community space" and "where local residents and groups can meet, socialise and enjoy a range of activities."

Penarth Times: Proposed design of the park areaProposed design of the park area

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