THE first padel court in Wales at Windsor Penarth Lawn Tennis Club will open this weekend on Saturday, June 5. 

The court which was installed in April, is fully playable by members of Windsor Penarth LTC and non-members who can book courts and coaching at

Over the weekend of 5th and 6th June, the club will be hosting a soft-launch event for Windsor Penarth members and Game4Padel members. Introductory sessions and a coaching course will be delivered by Game4Padel. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Game4Padel member should visit

Speaking about the court, Windsor Penarth LTC Former Chairman Anthony Phillips said:

“We are very lucky to have these fantastic padel facilities here at Windsor Penarth. 


"Padel is a really fun, addictive game and it’s easy to learn, so it’s great for players of all abilities.

"We’ve already had a lot of interest from club members keen to try it out and, after today, we’re expecting more people to come and give it a go”.

Padel is reported to be the world’s fastest growing sport. The game was originally started in Mexico and quickly swept through South America and then into Europe. 

Spain is reckoned to have over 20,000 padel courts, and an estimated six million players - it is now the country’s second biggest participation sport after football. Forecasters predict padel will become an Olympic sport by 2028 or 2032.

Game4Padel Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Gradon added: “The sport of padel has huge potential to grow in the UK because it can be played year round. 

"Other European countries, like France, Belgium, Portugal and Sweden, are seeing enormous take up of the sport for that reason. 

"We are really pleased to have facilitated the opening of this first court in Wales and look forward to opening many more courts around the country this year.”