A PETITION calling for all playgrounds to be given the modernisation treatment has received over 300 signatures.

The petition, established by the Parent’s Teacher Association (PTA) at Victoria Primary School, in Cornerswell Road, calls on the Vale Council to provide equal investment in all playgrounds in the town.

In April of this year, the council unveiled the new Cosmeston play area which had £240,000 worth of upgrades and was positively received by most on social media.

“A lot of children and parents at Victoria Primary have commented that the Playground at Victoria Park hasn’t, unlike many playgrounds in the town, been modernised,” said Victoria Primary School PTA Chair, Matt Dicks. 

“During those conversations it has become clear that this is the case for other playgrounds in Penarth and we feel that is unfair because play, and access to modern facilities,  is an important part of a child’s development.”

It is also an issue that pupils at Victoria Primary have got involved with, writing letters to their local councillors urging action.


Victoria Primary School Headteacher, Samantha Daniels added: “The children at the school have really got involved in this project by signing the petition and writing letters to their local councillors.

“It’s a good way of teaching them civic and community values, as well as making then aware of how the democratic process work and how they can make their voices heard.”

The Welsh Government’s own early years education policy is centred on learning through play.

The association say that parents must be supported in being able to deliver wider and more varied play opportunities for their children and is why the local playground has been, and remains, such a valuable community and environmental resource.

They also feel that it cannot be right that in some areas of Penarth, children have access to playgrounds that meet modern design and health and safety standards, while others have to make do with run-down, less modern and often vandalised facilities in their locality, e.g. Victoria Park and St Cyres Park (St David’s Crescent).

To view the petition, head here.