WITH public transport being used more regularly now with lockdown rules easing, we asked our readers what they thought was the worst bus stop in Penarth.

The bus stops are located by the Glamorganshire Golf Club on Lavernock Road and outside Penarth Conservative Club.

Bus is one of the most popular forms of public transport, and Penarth has 8 bus routes which serve 222 bus stops.

So, there are bound to be a few that cause an inconvenience to other road users and pedestrians.

Here is what our readers had to say about the Stanwell Road bus stop near Penarth Conservative Club:

Paul Jones said: “I find it dangerous to place the bus stop. There [are] cars coming up from Stanwell Road to the town are tempted to overtake the parked bus opposite a junction.

“Also it causes congestion on Victoria Road when you got cars coming over the bridge and cars backed up behind the bus, therefore the cars in Victoria Road cannot pull out safely.”

Matt Geldart added: “Yes, not a good bus stop - I can remember cycling home from school back in 1978 and on turning right out of Victoria Road the bus driver hadn't seen me... quite a frightening moment.”

Here is what our readers said about the bus stop near Glamorganshire Golf Club:

Nadia Van Houten said: “Near a blind bend so hard to cross over and use the bus stop safely.”

Vivienne Pinder added: “Very busy road, on bend and filthy, rotten leaky.”

Ceri Lovegrove-Ball said: “Would never use this one with my little ones!”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council have been contacted for comment.

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