RESIDENT-ONLY parking zones are to be installed across areas of Penarth and Barry Island to address parking issues in the Vale.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has confirmed that several areas across the Vale - including near Cosmeston Country Park in Penarth, areas around Barry Island and the Knap, Middlegate Court in Cowbridge and a number of streets in Ogmore-By-Sea - will see new measures introduced.

A decision on whether a similar approach is appropriate near Llandough hospital will be taken shortly.

The decision was made in a move to deter people from using the streets to skip out on new car park charges in nearby areas.

The council will issue parking permits free of charge to residents of the streets in question, with anyone leaving their car in these areas without a permit at risk of possible enforcement action.

This decision was taken by the Cabinet after a public consultation in which the overwhelming majority of residents supported the move. 

Cllr Peter King, cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport, said: “I am aware that a number of residential streets in the Vale have suffered parking problems for many years due to large numbers of people visiting nearby attractions. This has made it difficult for individuals to access their properties while also negatively impacting traffic flows and highway safety.

“As we will shortly introduce new off-street parking charges that could increase displacement parking, it is important that parking is protected for residents.

“We asked residents whether they wanted us to implement a system to tackle this problem and the clear answer was ‘yes’.

“That is why we will introduce resident parking controls to the areas mentioned and will shortly consider whether similar measures are suitable for Llandough.

“I very much hope that these controls will improve the parking situation for those living in these areas whilst also improving traffic flows and highway safety.

“This is a new policy and one that we will monitor closely to determine whether changes are necessary to make it better. It will also inform us should we receive calls for similar treatment to other areas.”