WHILE coronavirus case rates have seen a rise across the Vale of Glamorgan, hospital admissions are continuing to fall.  

The latest figures show that while the number of cases in the community is surging again, as the Delta variant becomes the dominant strain across Wales, it isn't yet being reflected in an increased number of people in hospital.

Across Wales, 244 people have been admitted to hospital with suspected or confirmed Covid since May 28.

During the second wave coronavirus hospitalisations in Wales peaked at 2,879 on January 12.

Over the last month, the highest number of people with suspected or confirmed coronavirus in Welsh hospitals on one day was 140, around half of what was being seen at the start of April.

However, with cases on the rise there is a concern that hospital numbers could soon rise again.

In the seven days between June 19 and June 25, Llantwit Major has seen the highest rise in cases - 15 - 167.4 per 100,000 rolling case rate. 

Other areas:

  • Cowbridge - 8 new cases, 124.2 per 100,000 rolling case rate
  • Lower Penarth and Sully - 5 new cases, 47.6 rolling case rate
  • Penarth - 5 new cases, 47 rolling case rate
  • Dinas Powys - 4 new cases, 49.7 rolling case rate
  • Llandough and Cogan - 0-2 new cases, below 23 rolling case rate
  • Ogmore-by-Sea and Llandow - 0-2 new cases, below 34 rolling case rate
  • Peterston-super-Ely and Wenvoe - 6 new cases, 78.7 rolling case rate
  • Palmerstown - 8 new cases, 91.1 rolling case rate
  • Gibbonsdown - 3 new cases, 29.9 rolling case rate
  • Barry West - 3 new cases, 32.5 rolling case rate
  • Barry Island - 6 new cases, 61.6 rolling case rate
  • Barry East - 0-2 new cases, below 18 rolling case rate 
  • Barry Dyfan - 3 new cases, 54.7 rolling case rate
  • Rhoose - 8 new cases, 67.1 rolling case rate

Two-thirds of people over 50 in the Vale of Glamorgan have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, figures reveal.

Public Health Wales data shows 39,153 people aged 50 and over have been given both doses of a vaccine up to May 23 – 67 per cent of the area's age group.

They make up part of the 54,689 people who have been given at least one jab – 94 per cent of the over-50 population.