PENARTH Pier is ranked in the top ten most instagrammable piers.

As temperatures are anticipated to carry on increasing throughout summer, it comes as no surprise that people have already been flocking to our nearby beaches and piers in pursuit of making the most out of the recent record-breaking hot weather.

New data collection undertaken by Envirofone analysed Instagram hashtags usage to find out the UK’s most Instagrammed piers by analysing hashtag mentions from all the 56 beaches in the UK that still have piers.

We have some amazing photographers in the Vale – as the pictures on the Vale of Glamorgan Camera Club show.

The research reveals Bournemouth Pier as the most Instagrammed Pier in the UK, with an impressive 43,200 posts under the hashtag on Instagram. The popularity of the city’s beach has recently become apparent as its recently been named one of the best in the world, according to TripAdvisor.


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Somerset’s Burnham-On-Sea falls in second place as the second most Instagrammed pier with over 40,600 posts, only a small amount behind Bournemouth’s pier. Somerset Council launched a new app, ‘coastal walks app’, as an incentive for people to visit the counties coastal locations resulting in many posting photos of the pier whilst walking.

Cleethorpes, Walton-on-the-Maze and Comer Piers are all historical piers with a rich history of the use of pleasure steamers and holidaymakers from the 1800s. When looking at the content on the majority of these hashtags, many have been found to be from professional photography and foodie accounts, as well as personal social media accounts.

Denise Timmis, brand manager at Envirofone, said: “People are definitely making up for lost time with friends and family. Going to beaches and piers when the weather is currently hot is a no brainer for Brits in the summer.

"With the data found on hashtag usage, people want to publicise what they’re doing now more than ever, especially with over a year of not being allowed to do anything or go anywhere. Taking photos on their phones and using hashtags when using social media helps people feel more connected to the place they were visiting and helps instil that moment in their memory.”