The subject of making funeral arrangements in the UK remains taboo for some members of the public as no one likes to consider a time when they will no longer be here.

To discuss the requirements for your prepaid funeral in Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan, contact us and we will work with you to deliver the funeral that expresses and represents your exact wishes.

There are significant financial benefits associated with preplanning your funeral. Some feel as if they would rather not burden their loves ones with having to find the money to pay for their funeral service once they pass away. For this reason, taking care of these matters whilst you are still able to can provide some comfort.

It can also be reassuring for your relatives and friends to know that they are overseeing detailed arrangements that you have requested specifically, as trying to provide their own input in conjunction with the rest of your family can be stressful and, on occasions, divisive. To discuss your prepaid funeral in Newport, contact us and we will cover every last detail, ensuring that you receive the funeral service that you want.

Contact us to discuss your personal funeral arrangements

Green Willow Funerals offer prepaid funeral planning in Cardiff, Newport and Vale of Glamorgan to all members of the public. As part of this service, you will receive a detailed summary covering each aspect and element of the service, as well as a range of payment plans to choose from. If you prefer, you can take this summary away with you, giving you time to think on the matter further and make any amendments if required.

To provide us with the detail of your pre-planned funeral, contact us on 029 2167 6358 or at the branch of your choice and we will work with you to document the finer detail of the funeral service and ceremony that you desire.