DOGS Trust Cardiff have been caring for their first litter of rescue puppies – who are all now ready to go off to their new homes. 

The ten German Shepherd cross puppies arrived as part of an unplanned litter, when their owner, who realised they could not take care of them, acted responsibly and brought them into the care of Dogs Trust’s newest rehoming centre on Nettlefold Road. 

The pups, five boys and five girls, are proud Cardiffians and have all been given Welsh names – Huw, Steffan, Rhodri, Alwyn, Iefan, Gwen, Bronwyn, Nia, Lowri and Myfanwy.

Upon arrival, they were immediately placed in the rehoming centre’s specialist 'Puppy Suite' where they had dedicated and trained staff on hand to give them the care they needed including much-needed socialisation, regular vet check-ups, and of course, plenty of snuggles.  

Penarth Times: CUTE: Gwen striking a pose for the camera!CUTE: Gwen striking a pose for the camera!

Penarth Times: SWEET: Puppy Huw is camera ready SWEET: Puppy Huw is camera ready

The puppies are now seven weeks old and the team are taking interest from potential adopters, ahead of when they’ll be able to head to their new homes at eight weeks. 

Kim Davies, Deputy Manager at Dogs Trust Cardiff, said: “The puppies have been a joy to look after and it has been a fantastic experience, being able to see their little personalities shine through as they grow.  

“Having a dedicated puppy suite on-site means we can give new litters and young pups all of the care and attention they need away from the hustle and bustle of kennel life. 


“They are fantastic fun and would make wonderful pets.

"But they are always on the go and have bags of energy so will need active owners who appreciate the demands of a young puppy, and understand they will grow into fairly large dogs who need lots of physical and mental stimulation as they progress into adulthood. 

“We’ll be sad to see them go, they have certainly kept us on our toes, but it’s great to know we have had a positive impact on their young lives and it is so rewarding to think they are going off to be part of a family that will cherish them as much as we have.” 

Penarth Times: And they called it puppy love!And they called it puppy love!

If you think you could give a forever home to one of these puppies, please go to to start the virtual adoption process. 

The team are expecting a high demand for the puppies, so will close the search once they have received sufficient applications.