DINAS Powys residents have launched a petition get get equipment at a local play park upgraded.

Seel Park play area, at Eastbrook, is currently comprised of five pieces of equipment, some of which are rusted and the white letters of the 'Seel Park' sign have worn away.

Debbie Evans has since started a petition to get funding for the children's play area. Over 250 people have signed the petition so far.

She said: "The park is virtually inaccessible for those with pushchairs or mobility issues. Seel Park is the only available park on the Eastbrook side of Dinas Powys, allowing children to both play in the park and have an open space for football etc.


"As we all know there has been a substantial amount of additional housing built in Dinas Powys. Over the last couple of years under Section 106 the Vale of Glamorgan has received roughly £10 million pounds.  Currently there is £300,000 waiting to be used for the benefit of Dinas Powys residents, however it is yet to be spent.

"We are requesting that some of this money is used to upgrade Seel Park. Please sign this petition and support the children of Dinas Powys."

On August 24 at a local residents' meeting, it was agreed that a further meeting would be held in mid September to progress matters. Residents raised the issue of a lack of investment, accessing Section 106 cash, seeking involvement of the community council and more. Anne Asbrey wanted to know where Seel Park was on the rolling programme for maintenance.

Local county councillors supported the event.

You can read the petition set up by Debbie Evans here.