A VALE of Glamorgan author has published a book telling the historic tales of 89 pubs across Wales - including one in Penarth. 

Graham Loveluck-Edwards has announced the release of his new book 'Historic Pubs of Wales' where he relishes in some of the more colourful myths, legends and stories from Wales' ancient past and oldest pubs. 

Included in the book is The Captains Wife, in Sully, a house originally owned by a captain. 

"I have always loved old pubs, and we are blessed to have so many belters here in Wales," added Mr Loveluck-Edwards. 

Penarth Times: Graham Loveluck-Edwards out snapping some pubs for his book Graham Loveluck-Edwards out snapping some pubs for his book

"For example, the pub which claims to have an elephant buried under its beer garden, or the pub where funeral parties take a short cut to the cemetery through the bar to keep an ancient right of access alive, or the pub that claims to have invented pancake day and so many more. 

"In all, I've compiled over 100 incredible stories based around 89 amazing old pubs - is there any truth to them?

"Some for sure, but this book captures them and puts them in the context of history so you can be the judge."


The book also contains a travel guide so readers can go on a tour around Wales and visit all the pubs in the book.

You can find out more at www.talesfromhistoricpubsofwales.co.uk.  

Penarth Times: The book is available to buy now The book is available to buy now

"As you can imagine for such a book the research was relentless and thorough, and a lot of fun," he added.

"Pubs have had such a tough time in the last year with us going in and out of lockdowns and with the introduction of social distancing measures. 

"Sixteenth century inns are usually a warren of tiny rooms so being two metres apart has made opening and trading near impossible for many. 

"So, a book which celebrates all that is great about our old pubs, which tells people their history, where to find them and what to expect when you get there has been welcomed by all landlords."