A TITAN in the world of cosmetics has announced a new pop-up event coming to South Wales next weekend, offering customers a sneak peak of their Christmas range, and a number of exclusives.

Lush, which is best known for its soaps, scents, and bath bombs, is setting up shop in Cardiff for the Welsh leg of their Sleepy Tour.

Taking place across the UK over the coming weeks, the pop-ups have been designed to showcase the brand’s “Sleepy” collection, a range of products designed to maximise calmness, rest, and relaxation.

As part of this, a number of exclusive products will be on sale at these events, and these events only.

And, if that wasn’t enough, a sneak peek at the always anticipated Christmas range will be on offer for those in attendance.

It has been confirmed that the event will be taking place on Saturday, October 2 from 9am to 7.30pm, and Sunday, October 3, from 11am to 5pm.

The pop-up will be located in Cardiff’s St. David’s shopping centre – near to the Boots store.

Earlier this month, similar events were held in Glasgow, Leeds, and London, while a final pop-up is set to be held in Dublin on October 9-10.

What can visitors expect?

According to Lush, “the Sleepy pop-up will host a tunnel where visitors can take a moment to immerse themselves into the space and learn practises to help them feel more calm and grounded.

“The journey will be an introduction to mindfulness and practises visitors can do at home.”

Along with the tunnel, the following exclusive products are on offer:

The Sleepy Candle (£12)

Originally the September pick for the Lush Kitchen Subscription box, it is now exclusively available at these events.

It is described as having “a wick embedded in rapeseed and coconut wax. Providing light, calmness and a floral fragrance for a moment of relaxation.”

Sleepy Bath Bomb (£5.95)

Another hard to find item, it will feature in the upcoming Lush advent calendar – giving fans something of an early access.

According to the experts, “The wax stars and moon will float and glow on the surface and are reusable. Take them out of the bath to dry before you pull the plug and keep them cool before you are ready to charge them and add to your bath next time.”

More information can be found online here.