COVID passes could eventually be needed to visit patients in care homes and hospitals, a leading government figure has said.

Earlier this week, the Welsh government rolled out the covid pass in Wales – making proof of vaccination status a legal requirement in a number of settings this side of the border.

At this time, a covid pass is required to enter nightclubs, large non-seated indoor events, large outdoor events, and any event with more than 10,000 people attending.

But in future, the passes could be required to visit care homes and hospitals.

Earlier today, health minister Eluned Morgan was quizzed on the Welsh Government’s vaccination plans, and overall strategy to tackle coronavirus in Wales this winter time.

When asked if covid passes could potentially be expanded into other settings, she refused to rule out a future in which covid passes were a requirement “at care homes, and maybe hospitals”.

However, there does not appear to be an imminent timeline for this to be introduced, but instead, it appears as though it is a decision which will continue to be under review.

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What about schools and workplaces?

At the press conference, Ms Morgan, along with Dr Gillian Richardson, deputy chief medical officer for vaccines, fielded a series of questions regarding the ongoing pandemic response in Wales.

After news emerged that covid passes could potentially be extended into other settings, Ms Morgan was asked if that could include schools and workplaces.

In response, the health minister revealed that she “would not foresee a situation” in which covid passes were introduced in schools.

Speaking in full, she said: “I wouldn't foresee a situation where we would extend covid passes into schools, no.

"We've made it absolutely clear that getting a vaccine in school is a voluntary system.

"Of course, people are able to have a lateral flow test, and children should be testing themselves twice a week as it is.

"I'd be very reluctant to see that extended into schools. We've made it absolutely clear that a nightclub is something that you don't have to go to, a school is something that you really should."

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Covid testing in hospitals – full government response

Addressing the media, Eluned Morgan said: “At the moment, we're focused on making sure the system works as well as it can, in relation to discos - or nightclubs.

"But, the first minister has suggested that there may be a point at which we would be asking for covid passes to be introduced at care homes and maybe hospitals.

"We're not at that point yet, but it is something that we will keep under review."