POLICE will be carrying out extra patrols on Hallowe'en to help clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

South Wales Police and warning people that Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night are not excuses for anti-social behaviour as part of Operation BANG (Be A Nice Guy).

This multi-agency operation aims to minimise the anti-social behaviour that often increases over the Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night period.

Officers are working with local communities to raise awareness that some festivities are not fun for everyone and - for the more vulnerable in communities - they can bring about heightened anxiety and fear.

There is usually an increase in calls to South Wales Police during this time of year reporting anti-social behaviour, and there will be increased patrols within communities to tackle this.

Superintendent Mark Brier Said: “With many of last year’s celebrations affected by coronavirus, it’s understandable that people will be looking forward to celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night with families and friends.

“Although this time of year can be a lot of fun for many taking part in the festivities, I’d like to remind people that anti-social behaviour can cause real anxiety for many people.

“Persistent knocking at addresses, wilful damage, vandalism, and derogatory language are not within the spirit of Hallowe’en, and our officers will be out and about to tackle this.

“Please, think about your own elderly relatives, and how they may feel to be subjected to anti-social behaviour, before deciding to incite fear into others who don’t find this time of year fun.”

Those concerned about Hallowe’en festivities and who don’t want to be disturbed are encouraged to download and print a poster supplied by South Wales Police, to display in their windows.

South Wales Police has also created an activity pack which can be downloaded by teachers and parents to help keep younger children entertained and in the spirit during Halloween.

If you need to report a non-emergency incident, please do so online. This allows the Force to keep the phone lines free for those who need an emergency response.

If it’s not 999, report it online.

If anyone would like to report concerns for anti-social behaviour, they can do so in one of the following ways:

In an emergency, always dial 999.