A FAN who won a prize to give a new name to her local football club's ground has called it Prince Moomin's Palace - after her beloved pet dog.

Katie Williams, 22, saw the funny side when the seaside club offered fans the chance to rename the ground for £20 at an auction.

And it was a home win for the rovers - she is calling it after her pet West Highland White Terrier called Moomin.

Now the name Prince Mooomin's Palace will be emblazoned across match programmes and even used in any TV coverage.

Bosses at Llantwit Major AFC in the Vale of Glamorgan came up with the plan to raise cash for a Tier 1 License to secure a promotion.

The club said: "You can call the stadium (almost) anything you want, just don't be racist or discriminatory. Why not name it after yourself, your business, or a loved one?

"Or if you really want, you can call our stadium 'The my mate Dave is a k**b Arena' - knock yourself out!"

The lucky competition winner was named as Katie Louise Williams - the girlfriend of the club's star striker Thomas Walters.

Beautician Katie decided to rename Frampton Lane after her pet dog Moomin and chose the title Prince Moomin's Palace.

Ms Williams, 22, is planning to take four-year-old Moomin down to the next match to show him around his own stadium.

She said: "I'm sure he will be very excited. We can't wait to take him.

"I've been following the team for years and it was great to win the prize. Moomin's name will be known to everyone around her now."

The club confirmed Ms Williams - who is also the long-term partner of star striker Thomas Walters - won the prize.

The club said: "The stadium was named after her dog Moomin, who we are reliably informed is treated like a Prince.

"The competition raised vital funds in the quest for the club achieving a FAW Tier 1 License, with proceeds raised going towards much needed ground improvements such as floodlights.

"Reaction from fans has been positive, although much confusion on the stands last Saturday as to whether we're still the Windmill Army or now the Moomin Army."