A GYMNASTICS and dance club in Llandough is sending a team to compete for Wales in the Dance World Cup later this year.

The acro dance squad at Planet Gymnastics Club is sending all 13 members aged between eight and 16 to the competition, which will be held in San Sebastian, Spain, from June 24 until July 2.

The squad, made up of girls from the Cardiff and Vale area, has been entered for 10 routines, including four solo routines.

Around 12,000 dancers from 47 countries auditioned to take part in the World Cup, with just qualifying being a tough task.

The squad had to qualify via videos that were sent in November.

Qualifications were confirmed just before Christmas.

The Dance World Cup includes all forms of dance, though the Planet team will only be taking part in the acro dance competition.

Acro dance is a style that is a combination of classic dance and acrobatics which contains movements such as tumbling and contortion tricks.

As dance does not have an national governing body in Wales, schools or clubs enter teams and individuals into competitions.

That means that although the dancers from Planet will be competing for Wales, they will compete against others representing Wales.

It also means that the club receives no outside funding.

Planet have been competing in the World Cup since 2017.

Although they haven't won any medals, it is impressive that they have qualified so many times given they are primarily a recreational club.

Eirian Thomas, volunteer administrator at Planet since 2016, said: "When we first started going, it was a competition solely for amateur dancers.

"We were just going for the experience, but now we're just going to give the kids opportunities to open their eyes to the world out there.

"It would be lovely to win something and our kids actually do really well in terms of the marks they get, they're always really proud of their performance and it's a fantastic experience for them. 

"If you've done the best that you possibly can and you also happen to win, fantastic.

"But if you do the best that you possibly can and come whereve,r that's still fantastic because you've actually made the effort and put the commitment in.

"We're doing this to give the opportunities to the kids and give them something they'll remember forever."


While this is a fantastic opportunity, it does not come cheap.

It will cost around £250 for each competitor to secure entry fees and their kit - this does not include travel and accomodation.

The club are looking for sponsors to donate £250 and get their company logo printed on the dancers kit and on their flags as well as shout outs on social media.

Any interested sponsors should email Ms Thomas at eirian.planetgymnastics@gmail.com.

Planet Gymnastics Club is located in Llandough Trading Estate on Penarth Road, Cardiff and offers lessons in artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and acro dance.

They have classes and childcare for very young children as well as Welsh language gymnastics sessions.

The not-for-profit club welcomes all abilities with lessons costing £5.50 per hour.

Ms Thomas' children have both benefitted from their time at the club, with her son coaching Welsh language sessions while her daughter is one of the members of the acro dance squad competing in the World Cup.

"The highest level squad member is given the same standard of coaching and care as the most clumsy," said Ms Thomas.

"It's very special place to me and the family."