NEXTBIKE OVO bikes have been reintroduced in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan after being temporarily removed due to theft and vandalism.

The bikes were removed on November 15, 2021 after more than 300 bikes were stolen and 260 were scrapped due to vandalism.

There are a reduced amount of bikes at first compared to previous numbers, with 400 bikes being introduced, concentrated at the highest usage stations.

However, there will eventually be 900 bikes in the fleet with the extra bikes being introduced over the next two months - still a reduction on the previous fleet which stood at 1,030 bikes.

Four stations (Stacey Road, Newport Road, Brachdy Road and Splott Star Hub) have been closed.

Thirteen new stations will be built in Cardiff and the Vale including 11 e-bike stations and two standard stations.

The new bikes are said to have beefed-up security, but customers are asked to return the bikes to official stations and ensure the locks are fully closed.

If customers do not return the bikes to official stations then they will be charged.

The first-time fee for both standard bikes and electric bikes is £20, the second offence is £40 and the third is £60.

If customers do not return the bikes to an OVO station then they risk their account being cancelled.


The nextbike app now has a 'report a bike' function in the menu to encourage the reporting of abandoned bikes.

To further protect the bikes and tackle cycle crime, 19 organisations have partnered up.

Nextbike are part of the group, called Cardiff Cycle Crime Reduction Partnership, and hope that bike theft and vandalism crimes are reduced in the area.