THE Vale of Glamorgan Council has confirmed plans for allowing sheep to graze in Cosmeston this year.

Cosmeston is home to several important species and the council say that grazing is the best way to protect them.

This helps by keeping the grass at a particular height so it supports a range of vegetation.

The grazing will begin in November and will continue until February 2023.

While there have been concerns that visitors to Cosmeston will be banned from certain areas, the council have said this is not the case.

However, dogs will have to be kept on leashes while near the sheep.

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesman said: "A recent survey revealed that Cosmeston contains a number of species of conservation importance and the best way to protect them is to allow sheep to graze in particular spaces.

"This helps to maintain green areas of varying grass height, which support a diverse range of vegetation.

"Grazing will be carried out between November and February, beginning in 10 months time.

"Visitors will still have access to these areas, but dogs will need to be kept on leads while sheep are grazing."