I’m not going to focus too much on the shambles at No 10 Downing Street as I think they speak for themselves, but it is deeply concerning at a time when our country and its leadership needs to be focused on issues like recovery from the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis hitting people, and the security of Europe. It’s no wonder so many constituents have been writing to me to express their deep dissatisfaction.

Last week I spent a few days in Ghana, with fellow MPs, taking part in a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association discussion on trade, security and gender. The visit was hosted by the Parliament of Ghana, UK High Commission, and other key partners.

We were given a warm welcome and held candid discussions on issues including Covid, conflict and climate matters. We met local women traders and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as MPs from countries across Africa and other key figures. There were lots of discussions about how they view the UK and our mutual partnerships going forward, how we tackle global challenges, and how we fight for human rights and gender justice together.

After arriving back in the early hours, I was then straight back into Westminster for an (unusual) Friday sitting in Parliament – a very important one – as I joined other MPs to support my colleague Rosie Cooper MP’s British Sign Language Bill, which aims to make BSL an official language of the UK.

I had a chance to thank local BSL interpreters and deaf community activists, saying: “I add my wholehearted support to this Bill. Like many hon. Members, I have campaigners in my own constituency, such as Stuart Parkinson, an activist for the deaf community with Cardiff Deaf Centre, but I also pay tribute to the work of the Association of British Sign Language Teachers and Assessors. Interpreters such as Julie Doyle and Tony Evans can be seen on Welsh Government broadcasts, live with the First Minister and Health Minister, interpreting in BSL in real time in the room, and I pay tribute to them for the work they have done for the deaf community and in supporting this Bill.”

While we are thankfully now back at Level 0 Covid restrictions in Wales, it’s important we continue to keep up the effort on vaccinations and boosters – so if you haven’t had yours, please arrange to do so as soon as possible.