TAXI fares in the Vale of Glamorgan are facing a huge hike as drivers struggle with increasing fuel costs.

The higher fares will likely take effect from April 14 and will vary depending on the distance of the trip.

Standard tariffs face an average increase of 16 per cent, while overnight and Sunday tariffs would increase by an average of 13.7 per cent.

Before the fares can increase, however, Vale of Glamorgan council must first consult the public and then approve the changes.

Writing to the council, John Lewis, branch secretary of Vale Taxis Unite, said: “Fuel prices and other costs have recently gone through the roof, and we are also struggling to get new drivers into the sector.

“I believe that an increase would help keep existing drivers afloat, and possibly encourage new blood.”

He added Vale of Glamorgan has seen the largest increase in house prices in south Wales, second only in Wales to Conwy, and interest rates and electricity bills are also increasing.

A report to the council’s cabinet revealed the potential changes. The cabinet will likely sign off a public consultation on the fare increase, during a meeting on Monday, February 14.

Standard tariffs would increase from £4 for a mile to £4.30, from £6 for two miles to £6.80, from £12 for five miles to £14.30, and from £22 for 10 miles to £26.80.

Fares in the Vale of Glamorgan are currently the sixth highest in Wales, but if the increases are approved, they would become the highest in Wales. However, other councils could also soon approve fare hikes. The last time the fares changed in the Vale was in July 2018.

The public consultation will last for at least two weeks, and if no objections are received then the changes will take effect straight after it ends. If the council does receive objections, then the cabinet would first need to consider those before deciding whether to approve the hike.