CYCLING and walking from Penarth to Sully could soon become safer and easier under major new upgrade plans.

Vale of Glamorgan council is consulting the public on three options for upgrading cycling and walking links between Penarth and Sully.

Currently pedestrians and cyclists have to rely on the busy Lavernock Road with narrow pavements.

But each of the three options would improve the active travel infrastructure in the area, as the council wants to encourage more people to walk and cycle and fewer to drive cars.

A consultation website gave details of the three options.

Penarth Times: The first option for improving cycling links between Penarth and Sully
Picture: WSP
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The first option for improving cycling links between Penarth and Sully. Picture: WSP

The first option would see a segregated cycle and pedestrian path through an old railway line, from Cosmeston Drive in Sully to Railway Walk in Penarth. This would involve clearing out a lot of overgrown vegetation on the railway line, and could be an expensive option.

The second option would see the existing pavement on Lavernock Road widened, for shared use between pedestrians and cyclists. The speed limit would be reduced from 40mph to 30mph along this part of Lavernock Road. This option would be the cheapest.

The third option would combine parts of the first two. It would use the old railway line halfway, from Cosmeston Drive to St Mary’s Well Bay Road, before then crossing Lavernock Road and continuing on the pavement until Sully.

The consultation website said: “There is a growing need to reform the way people travel between destinations using private vehicles. Providing good quality active travel infrastructure is an important component in negating the need for people to own vehicles.

“Active travel infrastructure may also be used as a tool to improve physical and mental well being and mitigate the impact of private vehicles on the environment.

“By providing one of these proposed route options, we can facilitate a modal shift from the private car to active modes for short distances to either Sully, Cosmeston and Penarth.”

People interested in responding to the consultation have until March 11 to do so, by visiting the website: