THE VALE of Glamorgan Council is encouraging people to show support for the people of Ukraine.

On February 24, Russia began invading Ukraine forcing thousands of people and families to flee their homes to escape the danger of war.

As the conflict continues many people will want to do what they can to help – with organisations collecting items for people who have had to leave behind their homes and belongings.

Charities are also raising money to support people impacted during this “immensely troubling time.”

Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cllr Neil Moore, said:

“Like millions around the world, I’m sure residents in the Vale of Glamorgan have watched on in horror at the escalating situation in Ukraine.

“The invasion has been met with almost unanimous international condemnation and the Council would like to add its voice to the countless others criticising in the strongest possible terms what is an unjust and needless war.

“Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, who have shown great strength and character in response to this horrific attack.”

He added: “I know many of us want to know how best to help Ukraine at this immensely troubling time.

“Thousands have fled the country, while those that remain are not only suffering the effects of a military assault, but also from the dire consequences that accompany such a situation as resources like food, water and fuel become scarce.

“By far the most effective way for individuals to help is by donating cash to organisations such as the Red Cross Ukraine Fund and Save the Children.”

Welsh Government has also created a webpage containing a list of other charities offering similar support and how money can be sent to them. People can find this website at

“I would encourage anyone who is able to give what they can,” added Cllr Neil Moore.

“This is a terrible incident that has shocked the world and we must stand together against it.”