WE’VE had a week of lovely, sunny weather which showed that spring was well and truly here.

Unfortunately for those ready to get out the shorts, this week is predicted to be cooler according to the Met Office. There is some good news though, with the fact that it is predicted to be another mainly dry week.

Wind chill means that the temperature is set to feel around three to four degrees cooler than the highs predicted by the Met Office.

Here we look at the week’s weather forecast for Penarth:


Monday is set to be the last hurrah for the warm temperatures we experienced last week as the Met Office predicts temperatures will be as high as 13 degrees today. Unlike last week’s sun, it is set to be cloudy for most of the day but remain dry.

The Met Office predicts sunny intervals around midday and 4pm.


Tuesday’s temperature is set to reach 12 degrees at its highest around 4pm. It is expected to be cloudy but with sunny intervals throughout most of the day.


Wednesday is set to be the odd one out as it is a cloudy day with showers forecast for most of the afternoon and evening. Temperatures are set to reach highs of 10 degrees.



Thursday is set to be a mixed bag of cloudy and sunny spells throughout the day. Temperatures are set to reach highs of seven degrees.


Temperatures are set to rise slightly on Friday with highs of nine degrees. It is predicted to be a mix of sunny in the morning, with clouds rolling in from around 1pm onwards. There will still be some sun according to the Met Office throughout most of the afternoon, although it will be in intervals.


Saturday is set to see high temperatures of around nine degrees. Sunny intervals are predicted for most of the morning, before it turns to a cloudy afternoon and evening. Some sunny intervals are predicted for parts of the afternoon.


Sunday is predicted to see some sun in the morning but changing to cloudy in the afternoon with the occasional sunny interval. Temperatures are set to reach highs of 10 degrees.