PENARTH Esplanade has been the source of much debate after the council told traders to remove outdoor seating by June.

For some, this is welcome news because more car parking spaces will be available, but for others the move would make the Esplanade less vibrant.

A petition has been started to save the seating, and some have called for the entire area to be pedestrianised?

The Penarth Times posed this question on social media recently, with dozens of readers responding.

The reaction was mixed, with some in clear support, while others believed that such a move could exclude those who have mobility issues.

Margaret Donovan raised this point when she said: "Why are disabled people not allowed to enjoy the view of the coast and be able to avail themselves of the various eating places?

"That is what will happen if it is pedestrianised."

Other readers agreed with her, including May Flowers.

"Only able-bodied people able to go there?", said Ms Flowers.

"I walked those steep hills when I was a child unfortunately I am not able to do that now!

"So does that mean I am to never see it again after 55 years in Penarth?!! Selfish people."

However, while many agreed that disabled visitors to the Esplanade should be able to enjoy the area as much as anyone else, there were some ideas as to how this could work if the area was pedestrianised.

Deborah Jones said: "After they’ve pedestrianised the front they can turn the really wide road in front of the pier into a disabled car park and extend the car park at the cliff tops for the able-bodied to park and walk."

Marc Burge added: "Pedestrianise what's already in use, but leave the remaining parking, else the disabled will be penalised yet again."

George Wycliffe said: "Pedestrianise from RNLI to Pier.

"The current disabled parking allocation could be massively expanded and the pedestrianised area would provide a much nicer (and accessible) area for everyone without cars."


Another idea from Julia Dyke was for a shuttle bus to make runs to the Esplanade if it was pedestrianised.

However, some, like John Stansfield, were unconvinced by this.

"If you ban cars, then people of limited mobility will mostly be excluded, and no one would use a bus, just leave it as it is," said Mr Stansfield.

"Or better still have a two way street with regular buses in both directions, oh and a decent car park too."

Car parking is definitely the main issue for Penarthians, with the majority of the comments alluding to this.

Much like the issue of the seating on the Esplanade, readers have floated the idea of a multi-storey car park being built.

Anghara Davies said: "Sat there yesterday afternoon enjoying a drink and only saying how lovely it would be if it were pedestrianised and the multi-storey car park re-built."