PENARTH author Phil Rowlands has written a new book set in Yorkshire.

TimeSlip is inspired by Mr Rowlands' time in East Yorkshire.

It follows the story of protagonist Ian Chambers, who is an author struggling to complete the first draft of his novel.

He experiences something terrifying on a Yorkshire beach during a stormy night and sets about trying to find a rational explanation.

However, in doing so Ian risks reality as he knows it and his own existence as past and present collide and crack.

Mr Rowlands was inspired to write TimeSlip after an incident that happened while he was living in Yorkshire.

Mr Rowlands said: "One late November day, I was walking with my six-month old son in a carrier on my chest, his face towards me to protect him from the wind.

"The beach was deserted and as we headed towards the cliffs, I saw, near them, an old concrete World War Two lookout, crumbling but still standing.

"As we headed towards it the rain that had threatened, started, and by the time we got there it was torrential.

"I decided to shelter there. It was broken but its walls and roof were intact.

"It was a squeeze to get through its narrow door with all the rubbish and loose rubble, but we managed it.

"Inside it was dark, the single observation slit giving little light and the swirling mix of decaying, salty and fetid smells, sharp and unpleasant.

"Suddenly it became colder and darker and there was a strong sensation that there was something else there, that we were not alone.

"It was uncomfortable and disturbing, and my son, sensing my unease, started to cry, so we pushed our way out, ran back along the beach and arrived at the car soaking and shivering."

Mr Rowlands has previously written two other books, Siena and Single Cell, which he has planned sequels for as well as a standalone story.

TimeSlip was published by Diamond Crime, which also published his other two novels.