A PENARTH man has become to first person from the UK to complete the longest non-stop trial race in the US, running a gruelling 250 miles for charity.

Scott Jenkins finished 36th out of 239 runners who took part in the Cocodona 250 in Arizona.

What’s more, Mr Jenkins was able to complete the race, despite picking up an agonising ankle injury at mile 87.

Speaking of his achievement, Mr Jenkins said: “I’ll never be the fastest, but I have a unique ability to go for a long time and problem solve as I go which I think are key components to doing well in 200 milers.

“I’m still very much learning and a novice to the 200+ miles and I’m loving the learnings that come from each race.”

Penarth Times: Mr Jenkins was carrying an agonising ankle injury when he finished the race. (Picture: Howie Stern)Mr Jenkins was carrying an agonising ankle injury when he finished the race. (Picture: Howie Stern)

In the 200 mile plus category, Mr Jenkins is fast becoming known as the UK’s 200-mile man given his impressive participation to date after deciding to specialise in races over 135+ miles in the last few years, with a real love of anything 200+ miles.

Mr Jenkins has previously run 2,000 miles from Boston to Austin, and last year set a new British course record at last years’ Moab 240 – becoming only the second Welshman to run for charity.

The Cocodona 250 is the longest non-stop trail race in the USA and was the brainchild of Jamil Coury and Steve Arnolt, whose joint desire was to create a race that traverses a large portion of the state of Arizona, connecting national parks and historic towns along the way.

The race had its inaugural year in 2021, which Mr Jenkins was signed up for - but, with Covid travel restrictions still in full force, he had to defer his entry to 2022.

Mr Jenkins, who was running to raise funds for Operation Smile – a charity that helps children with cleft palate, is now planning to rest his ankle before he prepares for three more races.

Later this year, he will compete in the Bigfoot 200 in the Pacific North West, the autumn 100 and potentially another 200 mile race.

Donations can be made to Mr Jenkins’ fundraising page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/scottjjenkins