THE fencing surrounding Penarth Station is in need of repair as part of it has collapsed.

There are gaps all along the wooden fence along the path parallel to the tracks, with one section coming away completely.

There is some temporary metal fencing behind the wooden fence further up the path, but it is not particularly sturdy nor does it cover the gap in the fencing.

Penarth Times:

While it may not seem like a huge issue, somebody may fall onto the platform through the gap in the fence.

Normally with railway stations, National Rail are responsible for issues like this.

However, as it is a franchised station, the responsibility is split between National Rail and Transport for Wales.

While they first appeared to be unaware of the issue, a National Rail spokeswoman said that the issue of the fencing would looked at by both National Rail and Transport for Wales.

A decision will then be made with how to resolve the fencing issue.

It is unclear who will be taking the lead on the matter at this time.