FUEL prices continue to rise in the Vale of Glamorgan and across the UK.

On Monday, a protest about the costs of fuel prices was held on the M4 with 12 people arrested for driving too slowly.

Figures from Experian show the average price of petrol reached a new high of 191.5p per litre on Sunday, while the average price of diesel was 199.0p per litre.

Those who took part in a roadblock across the Prince of Wales Bridge, between South Wales and Somerset, on Monday, July 4, morning were stopped and told they were being detained for driving below the agreed 30mph speed for a prolonged period of time.

Here we compare some of the prices to fill up in Penarth and surrounding areas.

The data included is from petrolprices.com on July 5.

Unleaded petrol

  • Asda Cardiff Bay – 186.7p;
  • Asda Leckwith – 186.7p;
  • Texaco North Road – 188.0p;
  • Shell Hadfield Road – 188.9p;
  • Tesco Extra Cardiff – 188.9p;
  • Tesco Extra Culverhouse Cross – 188.9p;
  • Morrisons Penarth – 189.7p;
  • Morrisons Cardiff (Newport Road) – 189.7p;
  • Tesco Penarth – 189.9p.


  • Asda Cardiff Bay – 195.7p;
  • Asda Leckwith – 195.7p;
  • Tesco Extra Cardiff – 196.9p;
  • Tesco Extra Culverhouse Cross – 196.9p;
  • Morrisons Penarth – 197.7p;
  • Tesco Penarth – 197.9p;
  • Texaco Tudor Street – 197.9p;
  • Esso Cowbridge Road East – 197.9p;
  • Texaco North Road – 197.9p;
  • Sainsburys Colchester Avenue – 197.9p.

Additional reporting by Bronwen Weatherby and Rod Minchin, PA