A NEW deli has already proven popular with Penarth residents, despite only being open for two weeks.

Griff's Deli opened on June 30, but has already been swamped with customers.

Gareth Dawson owns the business with his parents, Chris and Sian.

The family have dreamed of owning a deli for years and decided that the opportunity in Penarth was too good to pass up on.

On the business' fast start, Mr Dawson said: "I think there is a genuinely good community spirit in Penarth.


"People here are lovely and want to get behind local businesses. I think that's key. 

"You go into the town centre, it's very unique and, unlike other other town centres, there are lots of independent businesses that are thriving.

"There's a real appetite for that as well.

"We're just massive foodies ourselves and we've always had the dream of running our own place and putting our own food together for people.

"The concept that we've got is something that we've often discussed and the perfect time came up for it and yeah, we just went for it.

"We found the property on Cornerswell Road that came up which is just on the end of my parents' street, so we know the area well and we were confident that it was something that would work."

Although the shop on Cornerswell Road does function like a standard deli, selling cured meats and speciality foods, but it also has a unique aspect.

The deli specialises in wine and charcuterie boards and stays open until 9pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

"We've got the deli side of it then we wanted to be able to combine that with coffee and hot drinks as well," said Mr Dawson.

"Then we were lucky enough to be granted a license (to sell alcohol) as well.

"What we wanted to do and where maybe we think we stand out a little bit is kind of combining the wine element that we've got with the deli side of it as well.

"What we're going for really is just not necessarily a big restaurant night out, it's for people after work coming in and having a glass of wine and a little bite to eat."

In terms of standouts on the menu, Mr Dawson immediately said the sharing platters are "the big one" on the menu, though he said that the sandwich options have been surprisingly popular.

The shop stocks artisan food from all over the world, with people being able to buy items that are on the sharing platters available to eat in store or take away.

Although the family have dreamed of owning a deli for a while, there is a learning curve due to having little experience in owning a restaurant before, although Mr Dawson has a wealth of experience working in hospitality.

Mr Dawson said: "There's been a little bit of a learning curve over the last week and but  I'd say we've responded to it quite well and picked things up quite quickly.

"Another thing that's good is that people are quite happy to give feedback and we're we're happy to take it.

"If people particularly like a certain cheese or a certain meat, it's something that we're interested in getting more of."

Mr Dawson expected there to be a lot for him to learn, but he was surprised by the level of support the shop has received.

"There's always that thought in the back of your mind of 'is this going to do well are people going to want to come in and try what we're doing?'," said Mr Dawson.

"We've really been blown away by the support we've received, particularly by people who live locally to us in the same in the streets next to us.

"I think there's been word spread on various WhatsApp groups for  certain streets around us and people have come in because they've been recommended to us by someone else.

"We just love the town, we just think it's great. It's got a lovely community feel to it."