PLANS for a massive Welsh Government development near Cosmeston Country Park have recently been altered.

When the plans to build 576 new homes were submitted in 2020 there was an immediate negative public reaction, with resident groups set up specifically to oppose the plans.

The plan covered an area at Lower Cosmeston Farm, stretching from Lavernock Road to the coast.

The land is owned by the Welsh Government and plans include a new primary school, community facilities and public open space.

But now there have been some alterations to the plans, including a recognition that a farmhouse on the land is now a Grade II-listed building, and as a result is now being considered for future use in a community or commercial function.

The original plans would have seen the farmhouse demolished.

The development is still set to build up to the coast, which may dismay those who are concerned about potential coastal erosion putting houses at risk.

The coast path will therefore stretch a few hundred metres behind the homes and gardens.

Additionally, the size and height of proposals for flats has been reduced, though the number of houses remains the same.

The amended plans also include the recognition that more vehicle speed control measures are needed, which will be incorporated into the design of the streets.

Resident Max Wallis said: "The whole development is unacceptable and this new plan is worse in some ways than the previous one.

"It's just the way it is all crammed in, the urban design for this has worstened.

"They are supposed to be creating a community - there's no way that they're going to be able to do that."