RNLI Penarth is teaching the Penarth community crucial lifesaving skills.

The sessions are designed to train residents on what they should do if they see someone in distress in the water.

This involves first learning how to spot that someone is in distress, then progresses to teaching how residents can lend assistance without putting themselves or any others at risk.

The sessions then move on to train residents how to use throw bags, which are rescue devices designed to pass a line to someone in the water.

Local businesses will be given a throw bag to keep on the premises upon completion of a session.

Neil Cunningham, water safety officer at RNLI Penarth Lifeboat Station, said: "People who work near the water are often already in the close vicinity when somebody finds themselves in difficulty, and the aim of this scheme is to equip them with the knowledge and skills to know what to do in these situations. 

"Knowing how to spot the signs of someone in difficulty in the water and being able to use equipment like throw bags can buy vital time and greatly increase the chances of survival.  

"Having people in the area with the knowledge and skills to take the correct action before lifeboat crews or emergency services arrive could save a life."

Two sessions attended by South Wales Police took place recently, though there are no fixed dates for future sessions as enough businesses and people need to register interest before they are scheduled.

To register an interest in the sessions, email penarth@rnli.org.uk.