THE Vale of Glamorgan Council is asking residents not to light any open fires after an incident in Barry.

The current heatwave means that grass and vegetation are quite dry, meaning that accidental fires are more likely to occur.

Emergency services attended an incident at Friars Point recently after a significant amount of grass was set on fire.

In a press release, the Vale council described the fire as getting "out of hand".

Campfires, barbecues and firepits are extremely dangerous to use when weather conditions are as they are.

Cllr Lis Burnett, leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: "We want residents and visitors to enjoy this exceptionally warm weather and the Vale boasts a number of locations that are perfect for that purpose.

"Our country parks, beaches and heritage coastline are great places to soak up the sun.

"But in these hot and dry conditions, the risk of inadvertently starting a serious fire is greatly increased.

"Such a situation can have a devastating effect on wildlife, make significant demands on council staff and the emergency services and even threaten people’s lives.

"The lighting of barbecues, firepits and campfires is reckless and wholly inappropriate while this heatwave persists.

"I would encourage people in the strongest possible terms to act in a responsible manner and not ignite any open flames when visiting open spaces for the time being at least."