A BURST water pipe is affecting residents living in Penarth.

A burst pipe has been reported to Welsh Water which is impacting parts of Penarth, including the Llandough area.

Penarth Times:

Welsh Water is working to resolve the issue, but until the pipe is fixed people in the affected area may experience low pressure or no water.

They hope to have resolved the issue by 6pm.

A spokesman for Welsh Water said:

“We expect all supplies to be fully restored later this morning.

“As a general rule, it should take about five seconds to fill a pint glass from the cold water tap in your kitchen.

“If you can run your cold kitchen tap, this will also help to clear any discolouration in your supply.”

People in the affected areas are asked to consider:

  • Are your neighbours also affected? Are you having any work done on the street of in your house?
  • Have you checked your internal or external stop tap? It might need adjusting if it has recently been altered.
  • Are you on a joint or pumped supply?

“Other households on your joint supply may be running a high consumption on that supply,” added the spokesman.

“If you have a pump to help water reach your taps then you should check that it’s working okay as well.

“We will prove updates when we have more information; we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

People can join Welsh Water’s Priority Services Register which will allow them to help people with babies, those with an illness that requires water, those with sight or hearing difficulties, the elderly or the disabled.

The Priority Service Register means Welsh Water can help with:

  • Bottled water if your supply is interrupted;
  • Alternative ways of getting information;
  • Reassurance against bogus callers.

The work was originally anticipated to be completed by midday today (Friday, August 19) but now it's hoped it will be finished by 6pm.